New Pao owner.looking for some parts


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Anyway ok this is my newly imported 1990 Nissan Pao
I fitted the ssr mk11 to its on Sunday love them

I’m currently looking for some minor parts as listed below

. Full set of mud guards/splash guards!
. One interior vent witch sits left above heater control unit, but would take all vents as spares
. Full set of clean floor mats
. I also looking for the piece of plastic that sits in the back arch just in front of the vent pockets to protect them from dirt/stones basically sits behind back mud guard, (I will add a picture of what I’m talking about as I am bad at explaining) ha

. Some plastic screws/clips or fasteners for the interior plastics
Mainly for the pillar plastics and back quarter panel cards. Want some as spares.

.would love a spot light bar and also a cargo net to.

Prob will need few other little small things to down the line

So all help appreciated please

And donations greatly welcome 🙏🏻

Thank You


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