New on this

Hello all so im finishing my licence and I got a 1.0l k11 micra and since im also new on the country(2 years) I would like to know because my idea is to improve my micra little by little give the car the love it deserves.
So of course I would like to improve engine was thinking on putting a 1.4 but cant seem to find any online for sale and also if I find one how does it work on the uk to do the swap paperwork wise and pricewise?
Also will it increase a lot my insurance?
Best regards and thank you for you're patience on someone new.
Only part I know is you need an engineers report to pass the car for insurance purposes , good to be fully legal though. Look through the forum, it has a lot of excellent information and advice
You should be able to check the insurance before you do it, I think you'll find it will be far too expensive to insure after, and cheaper to sell the car and buy one with a bigger engine.