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Discussion in 'MSC News' started by James, Aug 6, 2014.

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    I'd like to welcome on board a couple of new traders to the Micra Sports Club, both relatively established names on the MSC!

    Bright Spark Racing
    First up is our resident "suspension nut" Andy, aka @h701micra!

    Bright Spark Racing gives the help people need into motorsport and helps with event specific vehicle building to a preset or customer specification.

    Not a massive expensive tuning company only a small company looking to get people involved in "grass roots" motorsport that is extremely cheap and easy to do. Or simply providing a helping hand to help set up a track car or the expertise to build one

    Our custom parts has proven popular with many enthusiasts with advice on hand to help with their requirements. Just send a message with what you need and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction

    Direct Detailing UK
    Next one along is Rich, also known as @richmicratwista. He's been on the forums for NEARLY as long as me! :)

    Rich joined us at JAE 2013 with his cleaning products and impressed many of us with their effectiveness. So much so that I bought a load of stuff, even though I'd vowed not to buy anything at JAE that year!!

    Premier car care company, offering valets, detailing and our own brand of cleaning and protection products for your vehicle.
    • Official Autobrite-Direct Stockists
    • Mini valets
    • Full valets
    • Paint correction
    • Pet hair removal
    • Interior cleaning
    • New car protection
    • Maintenance washing
    • Extensive range of car care products for sale
    I'll let them fill out their forums later, but I hope you'll join me in welcoming them on board :)

    If anyone else wants to promote their business with a trading package, our trade packages are very affordable! Just PM me for details! :)

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    Yay, MSC goodness :)
    Gives me somewhere to send everyone with the shiny parts questions :D
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    Thanks James!

    Hi guys!

    Fire all the shiny questions my way!!

    Whos coming to see us at JAE 2014??
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    Yay guys :)
    I hope this helps out with your businesses.
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