New micra owner with ncvt light possable problem

i just bought a very clean well maintained micra shape auto 1.0 16v
when i bought it the battery was dead and the ncvt light came on after starting
i changed the battery and now it starts and runs fine, but the ncvt light is still on

After some searching i found how to do the diagnostic test and read the blinky light code:D
the code suggests nothing is wrong as i got the 2secs off 2 secs on 7 blinks code
the light is on and does not blink just stay on all the time.

My thinking is the gearbox oil need a change or the cvt brushes need replacing?

any idea on what to do/ check would be great thanks

want to get it fixed as this truly is a great little car..

nissan micra shape auto 1.0
83.000 miles on clock
just past a mot 5 days ago with no faults or advisory apart from slight corrosion in one of the arches

update:: Now its starting to feel like its loosing power when im going above 40ish thinking its the brushes more now. thinking about wipping the powder box out and replacing with delco brushes like this guy did here>>
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