New Micra owner saying Hi !

Hi all !

Just a very quick hello and intro. And merry christmas to you all, and a safe new year.

I´ve just bought my first Micra. We have a Primera P11, that has served us very well quite some time, but because of my new job, we needed a car no.2. Now the Primera has been an exceedingly good car to drive and own. Back in the nineties I had a Nissan Almera 1.6 SR, and as a kid my parents had Nissan Sunny wagon and after that a Nissan Bluebird. And the Nissans in our family has always just worked. Never been anything with them, but utter reliability. So when the need for a second car arose, I already knew what to look for. It was to be cheap as possible, but also reliable, so offcourse the answer was..... Nissan Micra K11. Also found one (Micra 1.0 LX 1993), pretty cheap, not in mint condition, but mechanically sound, not much rust, brakes and exhaust less than a year old, and low mileage (113000 Km, and it´s a 1993 model !). Stands (as far as I can tell) buck standard, and that is fine, since it´s purpose is car no.2 scoot-around and get-to-work-and-back.

Having owned and driven it for a couple of weeks (Wife drives the Prim, since it got ABS, airbags and what-not. I drive the little scoot, without any modern safety doo-hickeys, or electric niceties), I´m allready grown very fond of the little Micra. And to show the little one, that I appreciate it, I´m starting to plan some minor mods. Starting off with changing the dash-lighting (will try some SMD´s this time, LED´s worked nice in the prim, but hope SMD´s work even better). Also want a better steering wheel, gearknob and maybe pedals. Also ordered a set of Nightbreakers for the headlights. And then I want to get some fog-lights installed. That´s the plan so far. SMD´s and Nightbreakers in the mail, as we speak.

That was a short intro, now to make a little inquiry another place in the forum.

Cheers all !

Ps. I´m from Denmark, writes english as good as I can, but surely not perfect. But you´ll probably get the meaning, of what I try to "say".
Thanks for the welcoming. And started tp source parts for the little scoot. Yesterday arrived the SMD´s for the dash, will fit them at work during the next week. A Momo Racer steering wheel is on it´s way, with a Pulsar hub (should fit the K11 also), and the Nightbreakers arrive any day now. On the lookout for an original Momo horn button, and a center ring, to finish off the "new" steering wheel.
Woohoo ! :wow:

Well, during the week got upgraded to first day of the week. Momo steering wheel arrived just before going to work, so spent a couple of hours fitting SMD´s and the new steering wheel. Great ! Very pleased so far. Still need an original Momo horn button, and need to find out "how-to-fix-dash-LCD-clock". Would bee nice with a clock, instead of a empty lighted LCD-panel there.....

Ps. Oh, the Pulsar hub fits just fine !

List of stuff to get sorted, before to long :

Original Momo horn button and centerring.
New gear knob (thinking Momo King).
Fog lights (thinking Hella De, ff50, ff75 or ff100. If not original Micra ones, but then I´ll also need a bumper).
Extra driving lights/spots (thinking Hella ff100, ff200 or ff300).
White or grey side indicators (can anybody tell me, if the facelift indicators, will fit on a pre-facelift. Without a ton of work ?).
Well, a wee update. Have´nt had much time to tinker with the scoot, been busy with work, family etc. Today though, I wnated to put in the new Nightbreaker H4´s. And what did I discover ?! I need 2 new headlights. :doh: Have´nt spend much (if any) attention on the headlights, but discovered that almost all the fixing/screw-holes in the headlights are knackered, broken, not functioning, and the previous owner has "fixed" this, using wire-strips and wood-screws drilled directly into the lamp-housings !!! Blighty ! No wonder I thought the headlights were adjusted like h***. Well, but have sent out an inquiry to all the scrappers within 70 kilometers from me, though I don´t expect much from them. Danish scrapyards has developed the idea, that used, old, crashed and bashed cars, are actually made of 24 carat gold. And they´re pricing reflects this mis-conception of theirs. But also had a peek at, And should be able to get new (copies) for a very reasonably price.

Still have´nt fixed the clock in the instrument cluster. Maybe there is a guide on this forum, somewhere. Must have a look-see.

But ! Today I took the plunge, and am now officially a forreign member of your nice club. Will spendt many hours in here, the next days, looking for tips, hints and ideas.
may i make a suggestion, put this up in the blogs section.

under the k11 general chat and then blogs and start it there :) will get seen more and welcome and good progress but you need pics... but start it in the mentioned section
#8 - Yes, thought about it, but was getting late and..... But will start a log sometime today, with some pics of my cheap little scoot, which was supposed to be nothing but my to- and from job car. But already I like her so much, that I will treat her to all the goodies I can afford. Which is´nt many for the time being, but times will get better again.


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Hi and welcome

What are smds??

If you can find the cost of delivery from the uk to you we could source them for you mate and ship the headlights over??

Also I'm sure you can get momo replica badges designed for the horn, just pick your old one of and stick the new one on

Oh and welcome again

Mods can you move it to save him re writing it??:)
#11 - Sorry for being late in replying.

SMD´s are the "new" LED´s. Little flat squares are they. They have a higher light-output, and a significantly wider angle of the beam. Which is why I wanted to try them out. In my Primera P11, I´ve changed all interior bulbs (and I do mean all), to LED´s, and was very pleased with the result. But on the instrument-dials, LED´s tend to "bleed through" where the beam is most focused. Looks real nice my P11, with the LED´s, but not amazingly fantastic great. Now I have fitted the SMD´s on K11´s instrument dials, and they are significantly better, than the LED´s in the P11. I strongly recommend SMD´s, if anybody want to change the interior bulbs. I know that I will have to re-do the P11 with SMD´s, when time and moneys allow it.

Thanks for the offer on the headlight issue. And I really mean that, in the most sincere way. I really think that is quite an offer. And one I might ask of somebody in the club some other time. In this particular case though, I guess it won´t work out. You see, here in Denmark, we drive in the right side of the road, and have the steeringwheel in the right side of the car, which is quite the opposite off what you brits do. Steering wheel in the left side of the car, driving on the right side of the road. And that means that headlights from a British car, will be quite illegal in Denmark, not to mention very annoying for oncoming traffic, and pretty much equally annoying for me, since they won´t put the light where I´m going. But my most sincere thank you, for the very kind offer. Has ordered headlights today though, found some in Germany, copy ones most likely, but brand spanking new, and for the the pricely sum of 62£ incl shipping. Also checked out all the breakers/scrappers here around, they quoted me 95£ for a set of used headlights, from a scrapped car...... Hmm, guess I´ll go for the new copy headlights from Germany then. They are ordered, hope they get here soon.

Yeah, sure I can dig up some Momo Replica badge somewhere. But, I´ve wanted a real Momo steering wheel for years, now I´ve got it, no way I´m gonna fit some replica-hornbutton. Has found one too, in a danish shop, and the price is.... reasonably. Will also get the center-ring, both hornbutton and ring will be the ones originally supplied with the Momo Race. Just need to order, and that I will do tomorrow. And maybe order a new gearknob also, while I´m at it.

And thabk you very much for the welcoming, to all of you. Looking forward to being part of your community, and hope to contribute a little over time. (Y)

Ps. Oh, and I did´nt get that block started today, as I said I would. Hope I´ll get around to it tomorrow. :doh: