New Micra owner in Holland

Ohhhhh...... crap.

I have hardly knowledge about clutch systems. Is this bad? What should I do? What did you do frank?

I'm not gonna remove the gearbox right now, I have a lot of to do's on my other Nissan.

I'll take my chances. Not that I like the idea wearing the flywheel bolts but on the other hand, after 20 shifts or so it started to sound less audible.

I'll see what happens. The other Nissan needs a gearbox removal more demanding then my 'Kleine Nacht Merrie' (this Micra) in English it starts to sound like my first little Pony/ Sony so I won't translat that. :p
Micra passed MOT today. :grinning:

Now I will concentrate on my Nx, it needs attention and quite a lot of it. :blush:

Meanwhile I'll be on the lookout for lowering the car for a competitive price. :doh:
I'm building one frank..
A GA16 NVCS wist 115 hp.. I am going to rebuild first..

Richardwbb's k11 isn't the first K11 GA16 in Holland.. In Utrecht is also one but he's not into clubs..
so Richard is the second known, and i will be the first one with a USDM spec GA16
Not that I know of frank, I would like to know about it!

I do know Jeroen330 is building a K11 with the American GA16DE, that engine is more sensitive to modifications then the Euro version, it can take SR20DE injectors for example and he also has cams upgrade and rear disc and it will have a roll cage...
Well, today I was able to finnish up the welding a bit and used op almost a 10 liter inert gas bottle, to make sure it won't fall out anytime soon.

The before picture:

Small hole, easy and quick fix.

Rather troublesome fix on the garage floor.

Non-economical or quick fixes, just bullet proof welding! :p

Tomorrow I will start to work on my Nx. It needs a MOT. :eek:
Basically you need to custom one mount, use the Micra axles, or drive shafts, my English is American usually.

And then you indeed need the cg13de box, the ga16de box is quite larger.

Yes it can take the extra 25 - 35 HP, I have no good reference, but the sr20de box is estimated 170HP, crank HP, more on the wheels as something that it reasonably holds on to, that is a turbo'd sr20de and you may expect the cg13de box also can take some extra power and 25 HP or a little more is not a big deal.
Ok m8, if you have more questions, feel free to ask.

I have some 5 e-mails written that explain even more but it also ends somewhere, I still do not understand the proper clutch config, though I used the ga16de clutch anyway, since the cg13de clutch was shot and it was saturday evening and I was under a deadline and for the flywheel, I forgot which one I used. Though it seems not to matter, well you read the topic.

Hoping to receive a reply of this French dude working for a Honda tuners club, spent 1.5 hours explaining, response nada :(

And the wiring, my friend left school and got a job, ditched his Micra project (he has many more), so that wiring scheme, you really have to do it yourself, but it isn't so hard, it just is tedious work.
p.s. there is one big thing not mentioned in this topic and I don't remember reading this elsewhere in this forum.

The ideal donor car is a GA16 without powersteering! Of course you *can* fit the powersteering too but you will need to weld with thich plating, that part of the chassis that connects the wheel, dunno how to say else, you need to chop right above it (as can be seen in the pics though) and we decided not doing so, I don't know if it would be a problem to get proper 1.6 paperwork for this car, which still is something I want to do, but there you will weaken the chassis, therefore need for thicker plating to do it properly. And that we did not have available at that time. Also the welder that helped me, happend to put a SR20DET in his 100NX, which was without powersteering, which is kind of seldom on a NX and I believe the GA14DE came more often without powersteering.

Point is, the bracket for the alternator is different without the powersteering and you will need that one, I only have one belt now, not two. And don't complain with me if the Ga14DE has different stud, though I can't believe it is so, I just did not see one in real life.
Yeah I will have to find one with out then ;) less Weigh aswell power to weight ftw ;) cheers for that alot I don't know there !! Will have to keep you in mind when I start the convertion myself :D
What tyers do you run on your micra ? Or what would you advise on 13s ? Just half descent maybe pradas or something ? 13s are a bugger to come by tho :/
I am afraid I can't really help you with that. Some people overhere put NX GTI 14" under it, they are quite light.

I have 13" rims el cheapo brand of rim.

I would have to look up the tire size, you can use a tire size calculator to see if the difference in circumference/widht/ height is acceptable.

With 13s you mean 13 inch tires right? Or not?

Those compe by the masses and quite cheap, Dutch internet company offering Toyo for 36 Euro each :/

p.s. Tire size can be found in the booklet that came with the Micra

p.s.2 I have cheap as [vowl] tyres under both my cars ;) They perform like [vowl].
Yeah 13s as in 13" sorry, and yeah... Will have to keep an eye out because I know the do r888 in 13" but don't really want semi slicks for a micra I mean it's not going to be running that power :L would just cost to much in the end just need some half descent tyers to put the power down when on the 1/4 mile and track, what dose the micra go like ? Dose it upset biget cars much ? Would be awsome if you have any vids of it out and about upsetting biget cars haha ;)
What I can tell you, I raced a Peugeot 206/7/+ hard to tell ;) It was no fair race he saw me coming and left early at the traffic light I left early, but it could not run away of me and I could not of him. 0-60 times (acutally the 0 - 100kmh times) rate this 2.0 Peugeot 8.1s

Also a Mazda MX-3, owner opened window, believed I had a turbo on it. I told him, no just 1.6.This Mazda was rated 8.3s and I won. Didn't look like this Mazda had a recent oil change or other essential maintenance though.

This holds up well with what is to be expected.

However, my timing is slightly advanced, still plenty left though and vacuum removed as much as possible. My rims are light <- difference can be huge.

The short gearing helps of course. I did not pass 120kmh it was a 80kmh road ;)

I was told by someone who can know, Nissan rates HP as the minimum that comes out, the advancing the timing and the vacuum removal, should be able to get 110HP out of it. Though benching it is with 75 euro that is still cheap! a lot of money to me. My lambda is according to Datascan, like new and my MAP is old, it therefore is running a little rich. I used Mos2 oil, also helped.

I have heard and read about Regal Racer being a sticky tyre, much race properties as I read on fora. I could not find anything else, if you don;t smoke your tires at launch, there won't be much use for them. Also Continental Sport Contact is a appreciated tyre. For both I don't know they come in 13". All I know is they fit my NX (15")

p.s. My launch control is a proper handbrake, slightly slipping clutch, 2000 -2500 rpmish, just before you *know* the traffic light will go green. It launches mad, requires some effort but experienced drivers in a car they know should be able to do this effortless. And no, I don't see people doing this in their road cars on time attack days. :S
Awsome I can't wait to do this, my brother drives a fully forged ep82 1.3 and it's tuning 270bhp but now with a remap should run about 300 as its got a new and biget turbo ;) I love upsetting biger cars it's awsome ! Can't wait to get her on the road and do the same just not on a biger scale haha ! This convertion e sounds pretty easy and if not I can always get brothers mates to give a hand ! I might well be comeing back I this and askin some questions during the bold :D
Woot 270BHP already? :eek: That is 200HP / liter, How many trannies and clutches per year did you say?

Well if you want to turbo it, yo might want to get a SR20DE/T first, a lot harder but the GA16DE itself to turbo isn't really a bolt on. Though a friend of mine is building one, multi year project now but he has finished school and found a job. So yo should talk to him. And a friend of min has put a SR20DE in a K10. First test ride he tore one of the gears in the tranny to smithereens.
Well it runs a paddle clutch so it's fine !! It's capubul of 1.6 bar of boost but it was dynoed at 1.2 so it's capubul of more especially now it's running a tdo4 hybrid turbo and that's good for 300 bhp !!

Awsome will look at them that's a grate help just fliked though and alredy looks like some good info !!! :D
I Googled that, but what is a paddle clutch? And does it mean if the turbo can do 300BHP, the engine displacement is not an issue? What does it rev, it sure is a light crank.

Does your brother have a project topic somewhere, I like to read about this Toyoda! ;D
A paddle clutch is a very high performance clutch, basically a race clutch, add me talan summers on Facebook and my brother jake summers and he will forward you vids and bilud on it !! :D
ahh yes. I forgot something. again.

For the peeps that actually dig the numbers I gave seat of the pants irl experience, those numbers I am giving

I totally forgot the rev limiter, since there is none in a GA16.

It says kgggk @ 7300 rpm.
what do you mean? help me out please i dont want to lose my power steering is it's not necessary
why will it not fit with the 1.6?


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what do you mean? help me out please i dont want to lose my power steering is it's not necessary
why will it not fit with the 1.6?
you might not be able to fit the p/s pump on the engine ? (belt too close to the chassis maybe ?) so a 12v pump could be an option (peugeot/citroen ?)
You can keep the powersteering but you will need to chop the chassis really far. I am not sure if that would pass to get the 1.6 on papers.

Here is a pic of what has to be chopped, it is right above that part that the wheel is connected to, that is why we decided not to do this.

You can find all the Micra pics here:
it's rainin cats and dog's in the netherlands.... (tipical dutch)
now i have the engine out for a week... but i had a little question...
witch clutch set do i have to use with the cg13 gearbox on the ga16?
and do i have to convert somthing with that?


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it depends which flywheel you use rob, GA16 clutch with the GA f/w, or CG13 clutch with the CG f/w
what is best to do? i got a new cg13 cluth so i want tho go for that set up.
so then i have to go with the flywheel of hij cg13


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what is best to do? i got a new cg13 cluth so i want tho go for that set up.
so then i have to go with the flywheel of hij cg13
you would need to open up the centrebore of the CG f/w mate, but the crank bolt pattern is the same, and similar dish/offset :)
I am glad you ask frank :)

This because I still don't know what I did wrong or could have done better. I now can tell robbert I used GA16 flywheel and clutch, I wasn't totally sure

But the whining noise slowly left, still I probably did not understand your former explanation :eek:
i will take a look what to do with the clutch... is the clutch set is good i will us that from ga16
what to change by that?

i only no that the pressure group is dead from that :p


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i will take a look what to do with the clutch... is the clutch set is good i will us that from ga16
what to change by that?

i only no that the pressure group is dead from that :p
most of the GA clutches are 190mm rob, so the pressure plate has a bigger pcd/bolt pattern.
the 180mm CG clutch will be ok for upto 150hp