New Micra owner in Holland

Hi, my name is Richard.

I drive a Nx and I wanted a second car.

So I bought a '93 Micra Super S that needs welding.

I also have a scrap Nx with a GA16DE and I want to put that engine in the Micra for kicks. I heard that several people overhere did that already.

So I'll be posting a question or two about that here... :grinning:
6 hours after the last pic. including the crossmember and hoodhinges.

comic bakery

my welding sucked harder the last time ago (2 decades) :blush:
Micra out of the garage

Donor engine removal

Still a lot to do, the GA16DE needs a new chain and with this engine removed I can practice welding some more, it isn't proper enough yet.

Stripped GA16DE.

It turned out to be a defective lower chain tensioner, causing the rattle.

Electronic James Go!.

According to the cover plate and the inside of the dishwasher door, tells me I own a crap camera. I hoped for a better result also. :p
Yeah it does, it has run about 150k miles and the lower tensioner was worn. The timingkit I ordered arrived today, will pick it up tomorrow.

Micra will have a clean engine under the hood. :grinning:

To fit the GA16DE in to the K11, you will need to lift the engine without the tranny and without the engine sidemount (shown on pic) and use the GA16 engine back mount. The front mount should be easy to fit, the engine sidemount has to be made smaller about 8mm.

Any readers here also with a K11 and a GA16DE?

It won't be easy or even possible to replace the belts, engine is tilted, the bolt of the powersteering pulley is pushing the chassis.

Tomorrow we will know more. :blush:


My name is Scott
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Exactly the way we fitted the SR (Y)

Theres a guy near me with a GA16 Micra but he doesnt post much.
Ahh the SR in the Micra... That is Insanelynissan! grrgrrgrr(Y)

Too bad, I would liked to know this already, on the other hand, now I know it is the preferred way :)

May I ask, what where the biggest things on your SR swap? I mean, I know you will need a custom axle, but does it require a lot of welding for example? And how hard is it to get rubber hoses that fit and such, did you use the SR20 radiator?

I didn't go for the SR for several reasons, it is my first swap, cost, initial plan with the Micra is to keep it economical with fuel, got a SR already so I know :p And a custom axle, isn't very appealing for me. Especially when the SR gets a turbo (which I also have no experience with, but I know about compression requirements) and then the axle. :wow:

But that would also be a solution to get some decent times on the clock with dragging. Something I want to do someday.

But that is a long road, a lot of skills are required, and this is my first step, the first 10 years I had no garage and worked on my car for saving money to have more upgrades now I did my best to get a garage and I also have good help from a friend who will leave july first so this is my hayday. :grinning:


My name is Scott
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It really isnt as hard as its made out to be...!?highlight=

Have a read and youll see what we have done so far and how it was done.

We will be using the SR radiator. and for custom axle...? Im not sure what you mean but 3 out of 4 mounts will ine up and only the gearbox side mount will need to be fabricated ( as shown in the thread)

Our build is being fully documented as we go, so lots of pictures and write ups of how its done (Y)
Whoa, I scanned just all the pics, but that is very helpful!

I know the guy who has a SR20 Micra overhere, micrachallenge, has let the swap done with a professional company and it turned out that the axle gearbox side has not the proper length. On the other hand, I just heard that and the cost if you let somebody else do it but it should mean the other axle will fit the Micra. Or is there a way to overcome this?


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Im not sure what you mean by axle. Do you mean driveshaft...?

If so then yes, only one side (passenger) needs shortened and the drivers side is the right length.


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I think thats what your talking of mate :L and no, thats something we will be getting professionally done. Not the kinda thing we want to go wrong.
Friend of mine showed me some Nismo 1000HP driveshafts. They looked exactly the same :p

I have some issues with the engine mount, basically this is the problem:

But yesterday I started to believe that it would would be a direct bolt on, but it really isn't. Next to the way of lifting the engine, it seems to me that when the engine code's first letter is not the same, this mount will need to be custom(ized) And the gearbox mount needs to be the original to make sure both driveshafts will fit. My conclusion is that the fact, that the gearbox of the CG13DE fits the GA16DE is a real plus here, making sure the gearbox mount fits like a glove (dunno how to say else) means 100% fittal of the driveshafts and that the front and rear mount are the easiest to customize.

But I have a question about how and what to use for the engine sidemount, I have seen pics of a 'Micra size' mount but the Micra mount won't fit the GA16DE mount, the GA16DE mount seems to be Nissan's answer to make room for the distribution side and that a SR20 mount won't fit either. Also we reasoned that it is no use to get a N15 GA16DE mount, it seems just as big.

We have dug up these links:

The wiki isn't helpful and I'm no way near playing 'Street Rod 2' with the Micra.

Now I will read all of!?highlight=

And start a new topic about the engine sidemount, which is:

We decided that keeping the powersteering means a real lot of cutting the chassis, takes too much time right now but it can be done.

To use the GA16DE mount, we will use the Nx 'chassisbracket' also and a untouched GA16DE motormount. The little holes are made with a 'pointwelddrill'.

Both welding and hammering are required, this way there is cut as little in to the chassis. The chassis right there consists of 2 plates. and the hammer was really big.

This is what was required to cut in to to keep the powersteering. Now I see that this is above the support for the wheel and that is a problem.

The line on the hammered chassis part was the sparing for the crank pulley. It was cutted a tiny bit beyond this line and then hammered pretty violently to the back, with and without a heavy metal bar. The hammer needs to have a point like shape too.

The two little plates left over after the cutting, will later be used to close both gaps and honeslty I'm still not convinced we can use the GA16DE mount this way. (Y) I also wonder a lot of other things on a regular basis also. :laugh:


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I think Laz Had problems with his powersteering aswell. He said the pump was knocking off the chassis.
I was quite worried about how to get the new metal stud in to the Micra chassis but it was done real quick and smart. (Y)

Seriously chopped. I see a camelhead right there. :p

All holes will be welded closed next week.

For the weekend I'll be doing the forework like baring the chassis under the flap, that is a part of Nx chassis that will be hamered down to the Micra chassis to make a strong connection. Also a part of the chassisbar of the Micra will be hammered to the new metal stud.

Looking at building up the Micra soon. :cool:

p.s. On the last pic you can see my Tivoli audio Model one radio. lol.
I could not help myself and start welding on less important areas. And I'm sure with the outcome and my ghetto anti-rust treatment systemtm, I never will have to weld this Micra again, by rust damage that is).

Small, fuzzy and weird hole.

Slightly larger hole, which is already no way annual inspection and wait till you see what I came across on the other side of the car.

A bit of flexing and such, I even used a file.

The extra.

This plate is nowhere to go.

These also, but really, laying on the floor is completely worthless for welding and the borrowed welding gear failed more then once, but it is free! :)

The 'roof' of the 'Old Dutch farm', the borrowed welder started suddenly to weld remarkably tastier and at the "ground" it was really off again. Also the inert gas remained flowing sometimes :confused:

Hmm, is it Animal (the drummer) with a chainsaw or somebody has tried to rivet the Micra with a 140 mig. lulz.

This is a bigger (problematic) hole. What you see here is a welded in plate of 20+ inch, which is really neat welded there, but in a really stupid way too. On the edge are drilled pointwelds filled as they 'poured a glass of water', but ... *drums*, completely rotted away. :suspect: :eek: :doh:

And seriously, there was rust prevention done afterwards .. And also a nice one, how did that come from the MOT when that plate wasn't there yet. :p

p.s. I wanted to weld in the engine room, just the 'two simple' plates, but this probably means about 6 millimeters unnecessary loss of space that can be made for the waterpump pulley, so never mind. :wasntme:


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thats a lot of rot richard :eek: nice repair tho (Y) i,ve always sprayed chainlube into those area,s soon after buying my k11,s, and its stopped any rot developing


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Nice work as Frank said !:grinning: One more LHD Micra in the club !
Well Frank, I went to a local scrapyard, it has a 2001 RHD K11 sitting. And seriously, where my Micra is rotting, it was thicker and it wasn't painted there in the color of the car also, some stuff that is very hard. I dunno what it is. And yes, chainlube works! I tried a lot of things and I decided to stick with ML as far as it goes, because I saw the internals of 30 year old car that got this stuff really long time ago. However, even ML can't go everywhere, so I use oil/ lube too. Some people use used engine oil, that will work, but I'm afraid of side effect, however I can't make up a good reason why not to do it (besides I love the car to much for that) :)

Thanks Seb! You can't have my frog though.


This is the worst part. There already was a 25 inch or so metal plate welded in, but so badly treated against rust, it wouldn't matter much skipping that also. :blush:

This only took a screwdriver to remove.

At some point the Rowi Mig 140 started to weld proper all on it's own.

This really is a pity.

Welding on the floor under the car is just stupid. I set myself on fire yesterday also, need new sweater. lol.


I will drill some holes and use ML all over the place. The car needs that, also that my camera and lamp fitted there, isn't a good sign :p I need to find some suitable stoppers to close the holes again, you always get way not enough of those with the spraycan of ML.


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Awesome welding work! i don't want to know what the inside of my cars are like! :down:


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Awesome welding work! i don't want to know what the inside of my cars are like! :down:
just punch some holes in the top of the sills shaun, and wiggle that chainlube probe lol, :) that stuff is
designed to cling like sh## to a blanket, and behind the rear 1/4 trims on the inside too

most of you guys will spend hours claybaring the paintwork, and then let it quietly rot away underneath fwn




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never clay bar'd but will look into doing this as the SR is in worse shape rot wise and it's 2 years younger than the super s!!

Closing the holes after EGR removal, there is not even half a meter of vacuum on now.

The long hose goes to the FPR.

Welding the EGR nut with mig watertite wasn't easy, the tig really came in handy.

This loop makes sure it will not leak with removed power steering.


'Heart for Japan'


The doctors name was Robin.

There was a lot of progress today! :D :D :D

The doctor said the Micra needed professional help. My Nx will be readjusted chassis wise overthere (from an old but severe crash that wasn't repaired the way it should) when the Micra has MOT and he really helped me out big time, several people made clear to me that the welding I had done wouldn't be approved for new paperwork. And that made me feel miserable grr. (that I had failed, which I should have realized at that time) This is his website: (in Dutch but the pictures say it all).

He also said to me he really would like to get the chassis and panelwork, so basically he will pick up the Nx and I won't have to cut it to pieces this way (neighbours will be glad I suppose) and I can keep the wheels etcetera. with great ease! :D :D :D

100% safety.


It was no use to paint my work of art and I'll take my chances, so I will finnish this red and black in an attempt to keep the powersteering. Which isn't a prublem, but the needed (thicker) steel wasn't available. So if it won't fit, I will get the same help again! :D :D :D This because fitting the engine probably will damage the fresh paint here and there (at least on the mounts it will)

The Micra looks happy now. :blush:
1.6 sitting

Keeping the powersteering involves too much cutting.

Waterpump pulley has enough room! :blush:

Getting all the bolts and mounts in place was a little hard, the gearbox, the back engine mount and the old motor mounts giving way easy, the Micra resisted a lot, but it looks like the engine can't move much anymore, TBH I wonder right now how it will come out and back in there again after a lot of miles.
To fit the 1.6 radiator, that metal part with the 4 bolts has to be cutted a little and the radiator will need to stand on the new installed 'forefront'.

So the wiring is closing in. (Y)

p.s. late response: frank, it indeed gonna be a weapon, installing the turbo is 'cutted cookies' for Dirk :p (Y)
skrale tjoening ghetto gang but then, shall we say, (although a little absorption in their own environment could not hurt), it was this weekend. not that it ever been otherwise. (Here)

chop and chop and fit and back (the angle slijpert) fit

now it is completely removable front panel and tighten it only.

tea lights holder of the nx, which flap is required for services under the cooling water hose

'stubbornness and two scales " (from the outside, note to self: there is grinding in a power even Neit file to do

(French) Mise en garde! This translates to English gives "Me say, a GA16DE!". lulz. Ah, screw it.

uitlaasbuis tuning, this is not a ghetto filter, what it is, a bud solution

Wouter like it so much to say: "With his cheerful cheeks." ("And the pick is already on seeing me." :p

p.s. The Micra is now completely welded with no holes where 50 cent coins (or screw) through might. This requires still some finishing. Cylinder becomes even up, economical calling it again :p


I tranlasted that with Google :blues:


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I really appreciate reading your body work log ! Btw, I also discovered the NL Micra forum yesterday ! Very good with a lot of DIY guides ! Cheers



My name is Scott
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Congrats dude! Bet your well pleased all the hard work has payed off.

So whats left to do? Or is it all ready to drive?
Thanks Scott!

We have trouble with getting the ECU to talk, this is worrying me.

It won't brake very well right now ;) Also, there is water in the coolant system and low levels of oil, airfilter has to be welded still, it needs finnishing on the rust welded places and other small thingies like finding a little necessary part in the mess.

But I could really use some advice from engine loom experts..
Ahh, ECU talks to the laptop.

Both exhaust systems are now in seperate parts, that took a while and the GA16 downpipe is rubbing the stabilizer. It isn't hard to fit the whole Nx exhaust but now will quickly fix that, poor GA16 has to blow through 1", lol

No interesting pics, this weekend it will be cleaning up to decent so to say. :blues:
any progress to report richard ?
Well, it took us a while to get the exhaust closing everywhere on the 'stock connectors' but double gaskets, welding, drilling etc. did the job. I'm not feeling like replacing the custom exhaust part :)

The car runs now, one coolant hose started leaking. Warming the engine with air in the coolant system and leaving the radiator cap on must have done that. :blush:

The crank pulley is rubbing the chassis, but the pulley can't be removed without lifting the engine. I'll try idling the engine and flexing it a bit.

The Micra launches great, the CG13DE gearbox must have shorter gears. I only drove it on 1st and 2nd.

There is still quite some finishing up to do on the welding, but then it can go for annual inspection.

There is one major problem however, when the clutch is slipping it makes a weird rubbing noise. It is not the bearing and probably it will drive without breaking down soon. But what could be it?

We used the GA16DE flywheel and the CG13DE gearbox with the GA16DE clutch since the Micra's clutch was worn. Could it be the thickness of the pressure plate? Did we had to measure things up before installing the gearbox? :eek:


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ahh, just teething problems lol :grinning:
the clutch springs may be catching the flywheel bolts maybe ? (i had the same once look)