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Hello all. I have joined this forum to help a friend. She has for sale a 1993 Nissan Micra. The car has the CVT and all the goodies of the time. It has only had Three owners in it's life and a Genuine, tracable milage of about 34,000 , I have to check exactly. The current owner has hd it about three years, reason for sale , she has just got a newer I10. The car is so genuine I'd hate to see it go for banger racing or scrap. It is near Swanley Kent , has MOT, was welded at front for last one, the trick with the soldering connections on the air intake (You can tell they are my main intrest) has been done, and the little car runs a gem. When current owner got it even the tyres were original, but have been changed on advice of our local tyre expert. Service histroy, any futher info provided. Thank you all.