New member from Ireland and in the market for a k11 :)

Hello micraholics
My names Declan, im from southern Ireland and ive only discovered this forum today but ive been looking at it for most of this idle day :eek:

Im 18 and im looking to buy my first road car soon enough and with insurance companies humping people dry with quotes, looks like its either a micra or a polo for me and I will in my ####e be caught driving a Vag-ina machine. (Anyone in ireland would most likely know why)

Its not going to be my first car, it will be my second as ive got a Silvia S14 drift car to tinker with since i was 15. Anyone interested in looking at that please head over here to see the build thread and heres a pic or 2 :)

So ye thats my heartbreaking time consuming wonder of love :p

Im hoping to get a pre facelift k11 for the road and do some mods to it just to make it my own and show this town full of diesels I live in what makes more sense! Ill surely be filling you guys in on that in short because ill have some questions to be anwered about these datsuns :D