New K13 owner signing in


I just bought myself my first Nissan! I have a friend with a k10 and another with a k11, so I've always been a fan of the Micras, and i just bought myself a k13. Sure that it'll make for some good photos/comparisons. I'm sure no-one will mind the omission of the k12 :p

So yeah. I get the car delivered in 3 days. I live in oz, so i have the option of buying it with the HR15DE 1.5L motor, so it should be a bit of fun. I'll give you guys a decent review when i get it.


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Welcome cee7resh :grinning:. Remember chaps, Aussy dollars are a whole different kettle of fish to pounds or US dollars.


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awesome a k13! and yea this is AUD not pounds, i genuinely think there are no new cars i would rather spend that kind of money on. though you could have got a LOAD of k11s :D
Haha. Yeah, i was gonna just buy a k11, but i wanted something no one else has yet. The only cars which were around the same price were a Kia Rio, Suzuki Alto/Base model Swift or a base model Toyota Corolla. I think that my choice explains itself :p

Can't wait to get it and tell you guys how it goes!