New k12

Hi there, I just got a 2006 4dr Micra 1.2 in black and it's great fun to blat about in!

I want to get an extra set of wheels & tires so I can drive to the alps for a weeks snowboarding and I found some 15" alloys with winter tyres - 195/50/15 second hand from an MX5. They are cheap, in great condition as hardly used and apparently 4 X 100 fitment ET45 with a bore size of 56.1

After checking online I see my bore size is 60.1 so I'm wondering if anyone could help me figure outfit these could work? Will I be able to enlarge the bore size at a machine shop and if that's easy enough will they be suitable apart from that? Any help gladly appreciated.

Now I have to go searching bumper mods as this one is cracked so might as well get one that looks a bit cooler!

ET45 is the Stock ET value for a K12.

Further, you can machine the bore bigger unless it all gets too thin or weak etc. but i dont think that will be a problem.

After that they should fit, no problem

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