New k12 1.2s owner saying hello!

New to this forum and owning a micra, but not new to Nissans, used to work as a mechanic in a Nissan dealership in the late 80's early 90's ... since then ive tinkered around with cars of different makes on and off , finally ending up here :) with my newly acquired 2004 micra s.
I've found and sorted loads of problems and issues with it (most with the help of this forums archived posts) and finally its safe to drive lol, and what fun it is for a little engined car. I will post an image or two when I get around to taking a few pics.
My previous car was a mitsubishi shogun pinin, loadsa fun but rotten underneath, so its parts value only!
I was going to put the new battery off it onto the Micra, it fits the space, but the post are the wrong way around....that was a close call!!?
looking forward to loads of fun and challenges, may try and do a few how to's if theres any need?