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New K10 Project

Hi All,

Today I aquired, for free, a 1992 Nissan K10 Micra.

It was going to be scrapped, but I salvaged it from a colleague at work.

I am intending on "pimping" it up for a bit of a laugh and with the intention of using it as a road car within the next few months.

Started a website http://micraproject.mfbiz.com to keep a track of it.

If anyone can offer any tips, or good places to buy things like alloys and body kits for this model, it'd be a great help.

Cheers All,


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nice car, free as well thats cool.

for parts and stuff for the K10 try Mental Dude on ebay, i've use him or her (not realy sure which) for parts and have had no problems with them, good prices two, excample ive just paid for two from wings in blue with no rust on them with p&p for £50, amoung other parts.
Thanks J.B.. hope it all goes smoothly too.

Cheers for the link Alien... looks like it may come in handy..

It's my second attempt at a car - but with very little knowledge of the K10 - its all foreign to me.

Its always handy to hear other peoples experiences, so any more tips are greatly appreciated!


Micra Project 2008


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well if you have any problems just post up a thread about it, maybe some pics too, and well do our best.