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New guy here with a 01 k11 1.0l 5dr s

Hey guys just wondering what I should look out for on these beasts , I love my car I picked it up for £250 full mot with 50k on the clock and just wondering what I can do to make I think faster nothing massive or expensive just to give it a little push , also got some mods lined up just thinking of lowering it wondering what the best way is ? I’m useless with cars , also have the gold clip Williams wheels on it at the moment with toyo proxies and thinking of rolling the arches and spraying it camo , any information regarding this will be great cheers , ps I passed 2 days ago
what is it a 1.0 or 1.3 or 1.4?
Now lowering are you going realistic or dragging it's arse?
Cause realistic go for 40mm coils and new dampers all round it will change the car
Wheel wise what size are they? Width ,
Camber why.....
It’s not getting cambered I’m pretty sure that just kills tyres it’s a 1L , it’s not getting dragged just lowered so the wheels are nearly in line with the arches , and the tyres are 195/50/15 if that’s any help. 40mm sounds good to me
I'm running 6j with 185/60/14 on 40mm coils , and they just sit within the arch lips well no rolling or anything , I would recommend a adjustable panhard rod,
Yeah the camber is just silly unless do t within reason ect same as static look,
Been a 1 ltr your not going to get much realist more power cheap, basically do the induction (no filter thrown in the throttle body sucking not air) and exhaust, people strip the insides out ,but you kinda ruin the car doing that, good service, ngk, plugs, ect,
ALso I would say first do the maintenance first rust, service, ect,
What year is it? And does it not have anti roll bar already?
I'm running a almera intake, there's also gizfab intakes of make your own,
And also if it does not have rear anti roll bars there won't be any rear axle mounts , so if you do you'll have to chop them off the cars axle and weld to yours
Yeah that's what I mean, weld mounts off another axle to yours and yours is a coil pack so have a look at some of the blogs for more information on tuning
Or 1.4 swap (they are 83bhp, but are a little less reliable )