NEW CVT ECU flash available at dealer

Hello all!

For those that own a CVT transmission K13, I would like to announce them that there is a new CVT flash available at the dealers. This is a general recall and the dealer should flash your CVT ECU to fix some issues.
After the flash you will notice that the car will drive better and the fuel consumption will decrease.
From what I've noticed, when I used to accelerate hard, the CVT would rise the RPM but would not accelerate fast. Now the RPMs will not rise so much and the CVT will couple the engine and wheels, accelerating much better and faster with less fuel consumption. I used to drive on the highway at 90-100 with a fuel consumption of around 6l/100km and now it will only use around 5.1-5.3l/100km. Also the urban consumption is much lower.
Hope that helps!

Kind regards,