Neon or LED undercar lights...

I'm really considering chavving my car up,

what is the difference between LED and Neon under car lights, what is the best, how expensive are they and are they hard to fit/wire up?

any info will be great.


Neons output more of a glow and consist of one long bar. If the bar gets cracked, the whole thing will go out.

LED's are bright, but more of them are needed to get an effect (hence loads of em in a tube). If one led breaks, the rest will continue to work. Another thing about these is you can get multicoloured ones, ones that flash and other fancy features - which neons dont have.

The LED ones cost more due to these extra features and laster longing


You're allowed white ones at the front, Orange at the sides, and Red at the back.

Apart from that, they're not allowed! Dont know if its points / penalties if you get spotted tho, probably down to the officer who's pulled u


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hi i got red neons

to be honest mate they r not worth the hassle

one of mine has broke so just running three now but still ok

and if u do fit some make sure that 1 half of the tube u tape up 2layers thick with black electrical tape so u just see the glow and not the tube cos thats when they look pants


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Am told that blue is a no as it's for emergency services and that they are not meant to be facing forward.
I asked my police mate about neons he said most peole get pulled and asked to turn off but he's knows of some that would then check everything on ya car and find something!
If you do try it make sure everything else is legal.


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i HAD neons. Now ive got LED multicolour they look brilliant and much better than neons will post a vid up after ;)


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oh and ive never been pulled with them while at lights with coppers at side behind and infront of me :)


if your going to be daft enough to drive round with them on expect to be pulled and its only right that u do - make sure u only use em in car parks and the like and even then ur tempting fate


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I used to drive about with my red led's on, had no problems at all with them, was tempted to put them on the almera but all the fixings are knackered!