Need help with rear shocks

Hello could somone please help me. I have a 160sr 2008 and when i go around a corner the back end always comes out in a wobble. Ive noticed that the front of the car was sitting lower then the back then realised thats why the back was all over the place when i took a high speed corner the back end literally comes out like a rwd. So I brought direnza 35mm front and rear springs hoping it would even it out incase someone had changed the rear springs/shocks but still the rear is sitting at least 20mm higher! I think maby the owner before has had an accident and put normal k12 shocks on the back!! Is this possible?? Are the 160sr shocks smaller in length then the standard k12 shocks? Also has anyone else had this problem??
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I would check the front and rear suspension bushes first these can have a devastating effect on the handling if they are worn or loose!, then the shocks these are there to dampen the suspension down only. I will check the part numbers of these and get back to you, then check the wheel bearings and tyres.:unsure:
The rear shockabsorbers on the K12 Micra are universal to all models including yours (part no: 56210AX625), I would recommend good quality shocks, if you undo the bottom retaining bolt on the rear shocks, just leaving the top bolt on you will be able to check if the shock is resistant to moving by pushing up and down checking the operation, if it it is not smooth and slow in its movement I would replace them. Hope this helps to track down your handling problems.;)
When all is well, the handling and power to weight ratio on the micra is great and it takes a super car to beat it!!:giggle:
Unfortunately no luck. I installed the rear sachs shock absorbers checked bushes but no luck the rear end is still sitting much higher then the front.

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The shocks don't adjust any vehicle height issues, they are there to only dampen the suspension, the front end is always slightly lower due to the weight of the engine and gearbox. The rear end is designed to allow passenger weight and loads in the boot so will sit slightly higher under no load. With regards to handling have the wheels digitally tracked this will checked the alignement of all 4 wheels in relation to the chassis, any good tyre fitting company will do this for around £30.:unsure: