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Need help with k12 micra not starting

I have a k12 micra that I had the valve stem seals replaced I also did a new timing chain as well, I removed the whole engine because theirs simply not enough space to work. I intalled everything back in its place I took alot of photos when undoing everything but now it wont start. When I turn the ignition theirs no dash lights. No horn, when you press the hazzard button in the lights only blink ones the back light on the dash works when you turn on the lights but the lights them selfs dont work theirs no brake lights ect. I have checked all the fuses and used a continuaty tester and all works can anybody pls help me???
You appear to be describing a primary power supply failure that is quickly fault traced using a circuit diagram with a multimeter / DC voltage test sequence starting at the battery & working forwards.

Happy hunting/fault finding
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I'd start looking at the electrical box under the passenger side headlight, this is inverted and the vast majority of the things that you describe as not functioning are fused/controlled from it, might be as simple as a loose connector........ (don't try and take the 'top' off it isn't removable, you have to flip it over to get access to the fuses/relays)