Need help with finding parts for a single din space (with pics)

Hi all,
I've recently bought a jap import K11 and it came with a double din car cd player.
As it's not the best I've replaced it with a Kenwood KDC-BT8041U although I'm still waiting for the ISO harness adapter to arrive from the UK which is why it ain't fitted in the pics yet but it will be fitted in the top din space.

The problem I have is that when the Kenwood is fitted in the double din space I'm left with a single din space underneath it. To fit the Kenwood I've taken off the double din brackets from the old cd player and screwed them to both sides of it so they in turn can be screwed into the dash.



I suppose what I'm looking for is some sort of single din cd player cage that will have holes in both sides so I can screw in the bottom of the double din brackets (that are already holding the Kenwood) and into that cage I'd like to fit either a blanking plate or a pocket in order to fill up the space that will be left below the Kenwood.


I know it sounds kinda confusig but if anyone can help out with what I'm looking for I'd be really grateful. I've looked for this type of cage with fixing holes in it for the last few weeks online but couldn't find anything. I even thought ebay would have what I'm looking for but they didn't.
Also...if anyone has any alternative solutions in order to fill the gap below the Kenwood I'm all ears.
Thanks for the respose Hugh but I've already got one of those last week (Y)
My problem is that when I got it, I realised that I need something to slot that into as there'll be nothing under the new cd player to hold that in place. I reckon some sort of cage will do it but it needs to have 1 or 2 holes on either side so that I can screw the right and left brackets to it.
Like in the picture below...the areas in blue will screw into the dash but I'm looking for a cage that have holes (where the red areas are) so the brackets can hold it in place and in turn support the universal single din pocket/tray that you suggested.



Maybe I'm looking into this a bit too much but I can't see how the universal din pocket can stay in place without something to hold it there. Any other ideas?
Thanks for the suggestions guys...the cup holder/coin tray is a really good idea. The micra already has a cup holder but I have found some other similar single din units to fit the empty space left under the cd player that have the holdes on both sides that can attach to the double din bracket I have...