need help plz 1,3 facelift in 1,0 pre 1996

took all drivetrain from a 2000 1,3 gx, an i put it in my 1996 1.0 prefacelift
problem i ran intoo is, when i try to put it in gear it grind the gears.
like the clutch isnt working.
but it is working i thightent it so much (with xtra washers on cable)
that it cant move when i start in gear. (still grinds)
an the engine an gearbox comes from a driveing car
is there something ells i need to change ?

i put in engine an gear box driveshafts wheel hubs
the 2 gear levers underneath
i changed the gear box wires around so it fit the 96 vires matched the by color

do i need clutch pedal ?
or do i need the gearlever inside the car ?
I would bolt everything in place clutch, gearstick etc. It may be something silly like the weight of the gear linkage hanging down is pulling it slightly out of gear causing it to grind?
i think i might have broke something
, when putting in the new gear an engine.
the clutch lever on the gearbox, is very loose the first 2 cm,
an if i pull it up it can move up 1 cm,
i can then pull it back, push it down ,an the clutch now works.
but only for 2 or 3 gearshifts, an it goes klonk an dont work again :-(
ill take the engine an tranny out tomorow an check it.
i just dont understand it, the hole unit come from a driveing car.
i been driveing it for 3 months :-(