Need help on my k11

Hey guys im from the philippines and im building a k11. I'd like to ask if is there a donor car for me to get parts because there aren't many micras here. I need to replace the springs. i regret cutting them. I'd like to use it as my daily and make it a little bit faster. Maybe i can get some parts out of a sentra? but im really looking for a replacement for rear springs. its really bumpy sometimes.
im running a cg13de with Ga16 injectors still looking for a throttle body.

And one more thing my left rear wheels are pushed back I dont know why. when im looking at it, its really uneven at first i thought its because of an equal body panel but no.

If you've cut the springs and lowered the car then the whole axle will have shifted to the right. That's why we have adjustable panhard rods when lowering. You can dial back the offset then.
Up to 06 fit.

Thanks for that. I'll look it up. Id like to ask about cg13de? upgrade parts from other parts? got ga16 injectors but I asked about the throttle body they said it wont fit? he sent me this photo but got no idea which one. Dont have time to take off mine.


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