Need advice on new exhaust

I own a 1.6 SR 2006. Would like to mod the exhaust with a sporty one, for look and sound, not bothered with extra power. My local exhaust garage will custom built the back box or the whole, from £220 plus VAT. Its called 'powerflow' stainless steel. Any pro or cons regarding this mod, advise if I need just a back box or the full, and will it still pass its MOT in 2 years time? What tip would you advise, I fancy a double straight cut right in the middle of the bumper, like the minis, any suggestion would be highly appreciated.


Micra Attitude
first of all powerflow is good, if you're not bothered with performance a backbox is sufficient to give you the noise and look but a full system will have a nicer tone.
It shouldnt pose as a problem for the MOT given that they are correctly installed and your CAT is still in place.
check out my vgarage for a picture of my car for what might possibly suit your taste as well.
Thanks for the advice Tse, I will go for the full exhaust. I saw your pics and I would like the same twin pipe in the middle of the bumper.

Dr Zoidberg

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powerflow have had mixed reviews depending which outlet is used, complaints usually include crap materials used to rubbish customer service.

others have been very happy with what they were given, so it is up to you to use them or not.

personally i would get a cat back system made up, basically a new exhaust starting after the cat inc back box. this will give you a better tone as said than just the back box. it will still pass the mot with this.

if all your after is a bit of noise i wouldn't bother with a full system, ie: manifold, sports cat, cat back. however a full system should give you a noticable power increase.