Need a speedo drive unit.

Hi guys,

I've been having a few issues with my speedo and fuel guage being erratic and after some digging I found the post here and I believe this to be the same issue as mine as I have tried everything else.

Unfortunatly my local scrappy doesnt have any K11 micras left and I cant seem to find any second hand 'speedo drive units'.

Does anyone have any for sale? If they did that would be a great help!


Mark B
Hi there, thanks for the quick response.

I'm down in Cornwall. I think my brother used to hang around here a lot when he had his red 1.0 K11 Micra Turbo.

How much would you want for the unit mate? PM me.


Club Member
Ive got a whole set of dials, but as i said i dont have a clue how to post it to you as ive never done any of it before lol if you could help me out ill do it and its too far for me to drive..