Near side rear passenger door removal.

Hi Forum,

Firstly, thanks for letting me join. I’m in a real pickle. Had my 2009 Nissan Micra for 7 years and am loathed to get rid but my rear door and lock/handle have been damaged complete with a smallish dent. At the minute, I can’t seem to get the door open. I’m looking to try and repair this myself and wondered if anyone had removed their rear doors and what process was involved.

Thanks in advance.

That should look good as new after some paintless dent repair :unsure:

Fortunate it wasn't the offside rear near the petrol door, reason to be cheerful!
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Firstly sort out the dent in the body, as this will have distorted the locator for the rear door latch, then once this lines back up to spec, then turn your attention to the door, this too may have got out of alignment but once the body work is sorted the door latch can be brought into alignment with the body latch, hopes this makes sense to you?:unsure: