NCVT brushes

I'm new to the forum and am looking for some advice on trying to resolve the problems I've got with the NCVT on my K11C. I know that the electro-magnetic clutch has a host of problems, but I don't want to go through the hassle of changing it to manual etc - I just want to squeeze as many miles as possible out of the car for the minimum cost.

The self- diagnostic shows fault code 4 (coil circuit fault) - not knowing what that really means, I'm going to have a go at replacing the carbon brushes (seems to be the easiest and cheapest first option). Incidentally I've been quoted over £1700 to replace the Brush Assembly and Powder Clutch:eek:

has anybody tried this - does it work for long? Any advice on how to do this - don't suggest throwing it into a canal! If it doesn't work, I'm going to scrap the car (which is a shame as it has only done 67000 miles, well looked after by grandparents - electric windows, PAS and central locking)

Thanks for any advice. Oh, and by the way, being the new boy, drinks are on me!


well firstly! even if it does go tits up don't scrap an otherwise healthy car! i'm sure someone would take it off your hands!
as for the NCVT bit i have no clue :( sorry! o_O


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PM replied :)

Yowza £1700 ! that seems even more expensive than i remember. Ridiculous as the clutch powder change is super easy...if anyone btw knows the amount of powder used please do post up (in a different thread) as its pretty much the only thing stopping the auto guys fixing the clutch themselves.