Think I have a nats problem.
Here goes..
Car ran fine, but very very quickly the EML came on and off.
Got home all ok.
Turned the engine off,
Now the EML light flashes quickly.
Counted 141, 142 and 145.
Got fuel to the rail, sparks good, fuel pump works, but injector's not opening.
So poured a bit of petrol down the TB and it fired for a few seconds.
What's happened?
It's got the key with the red chip.
All wiring seems ok.
The ECU won't reset, same codes keep appearing.
Has the key chip lost its mind and won't talk to the Ariel ring around the ignition barrel?
It's a Dutch 97 1.3 with a Bosch ecu
So if I go for the ECU kit, means a dashboard out job to get at that little black box in the passengers a pillar??
Pain in the arse nats