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N15 Almera Ambition



Fully rebuilt ga16de.
Nissan bearings, gaskets, tensioners, stem seals, guides,clutch cable etc.
Cleaned block, sprayed with black enamel.
Head ported
Bottom end lightened knife edged balanced.
Spec flywheel
ACT clutch
Under drive crank pulley
New genuine oil pump/timing cover
New genuine water pump.
Custom regrind cams 275, 9mm lift (7mm STD)
B13 sentra intake manifold
Sr20 TB
thermoblock spacers
Almera gti MAF
B13 USDM dizzy
Pink 185cc USDM ga16 injectors
D16 Honda pistons modified for floating pin giving 13:1 static ratio
Qg18 exhaust manifold and downpipe
2.5" mandrel prospeed cat back
Remapped on 99 v power to 7k via nistune

I won't bore you with all the other little bits but that's the basics there