N00b saying hi!

Hi all,

Just thought I'd come say hi as my girlfriend is the proud owner of a Y reg Nissan Micra Activ, a K11 facelift that looks like this...


81,000 miles, full service history from new, absolutely nothing at all wrong with it, and she paid £1,200 with a years warranty, tax and MOT.

It's completely standard apart from some audio upgrades that I've fitted - JVC CD player, Infinity reference 6x9s in the rear shelf and JBL GTO 6.5" coaxials in the front doors.

And it's staying standard too - she likes bog standard cars! If it were up to me it would have a 1.8 in it by now, but then I get more than enough high speed adrenaline from my own Jap toy... a Honda CBR600!

Great site, loads of useful info here, and I know I've found the right place if I have any questions in the future!


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Looks nice.Creep out one night & lower it she may not notice :D
Not liking the snow in the background tho :(