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My White K11 Micra (1st Car)

Hello guys.

I recently got a 1998 White 1.0l Micra k11 which I'll be learning to drive in and hoping to keep after I pass my driving test. I got the inspiration to get a Micra because of my brother, Sulur (who was a well known member on here :p). Now that he doesn't own a micra any more, I need to takeover!

It does have some bad rust on the sills which will definitely need fixing before MOT next year but other than it is a great runner. It is a Micra Equation so a pretty low spec model. I will need to make some modifications to spice it up!

Some of the things I eventually hope to do/add to the car:
  • Colour code (in white) the bumper trims, door handles, door trims, mirrors, and the boot handle.
  • Black out the inside of headlights (Also might eventually get the 2nd facelift headlights - think they look cooler)
  • Might get the non facelift rear lights but not too sure about that (tell me what you think)
  • Clear side repeaters
  • Install a central locking system (5dr without central locking is a pain in the ARSE!)
  • Tint back windows
  • Spoiler - Preferably the wrap around kind but depends on price
  • Maybe front and back splitters (I think Sulur has some spares :p)
  • And possibly new wheels and then lowering but depends on my budget and stuff.
Ill probably add some other little bits here and there but they are the main mods as of now.
Let me know if you have any suggestions! :)

Here are some pictures of how it looks currently



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Nice clean base car, throw some lowering springs on it, 2nd Facelift bumpers, tinted headlights, nice ean look, just an idea. :) welcome to the forum