My superturbo

New to the forum my name is Musa from Trinidad and this is my march . Excuse the pics took with iPad so not the best.

-Got sum bucket seats
-Nismo shocks
- springs
- upgraded turbo to t25 from sr20
-LSD gearbox currently with std exedy clutch until I get to resurface my 6puck nismo or import another
-upgraded brakes from superturbo air cooled twin disk
- 5" tach , boost , air fuel ratio and oil pressure gauges

Will update as I remember more but car is down as I blew head gasket when overheated n haven't had the time to put it back together . Not the most tech savy guy but seeing a lot of u have projects I hope u would have info to help me out .

Looking for a English diagrams for the car any as I can't find them if they even exist as in wiring , ecu , vacuum gauge and really any other diagrams that pertain to the superturbo would help as the plan is to finish this project now . I now y'all r gona say turbo too big but I'm using it . Plan on using back stock ecu

Looking for compatible stability and suspension for the car or diagrams that can be used and last not least looking for any diagram or pictures and advice on running a front mount find the top mount to always retain a lot of heat down here . Tanx guys sorry if it's difficult to read