My Superturbo is back home!


Few of us old beans still knocking around on here, us oldskool members still meet up at the yearly JAE car show, we even had two STs once upon a time... If/when COVID sods off you're always welcome!

Honk on!

PS: Love that your signature still says "My new DIY online car modding TV show", amazing what 13 years can do!


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Pleasure to have you on the forums!
It’s still loaded with info I’m sure you’ll be able to find whatever you need next time!
Hoping to watch the episode on the big TV when the missus goes out tomorrow. Can’t wait :)


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Welcome back! I bought one of your posters aswell. So glad to see some micra/march action back on the channel.


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Hi Marty,

Great to see the st back .
I sold mine back in 2016 but a member on here has it now since the start of the year.

Looking forward to the progress on the St .

Ps. I agree With Moog on keeping the twin pee shooters for originality reason (or similar)

All the best ,



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Just watched the episode not but two hours ago (y)

Why oh why you tasted that "water" though lol.

ST Looks super clean. Look forward to seeing its progress.


Not sure how many of you are still in here, i'm sure it's a small number but thought i'd drop in and say hi anyway
@smidge Didn't know you were here on this forum Marty, that's awesome, glad to see your super turbo has made it to Australasia. Also just ordered the poster from MCM, can't wait for it to arrive 😁
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Was so great to see the ST arrive on the show. Really looking forward to seeing your progress.

I also got one of your posters...'cause Super Turbos!! :love: