My side project


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For sometime now ive toyd with the idea of breaking nissan micras and selling micra related parts.

I know alot of our parts are swapped within the msc community which is perfect but if you need a part and dont want to pay scrap yard prices or a fellow member has sold the part you needed then come to me.

I will do a 10% discount for any genuine MSC forum user ontop of the already friendly prices.

At the moment i have one pre-facelift in for breaking and been offerd 2x facelifts this week. If things sell on a regular basis then il try and have atleast 2 complete cars a month.

Its only a part time thing and will never be a fully fledged buisness...Just a hobbie/project.

I have a workshop where im building my Nissan March track car and my friend who builds cars there also can fit any part or do custom work....he mainly does civic transplants once a week.

My facebook page is