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my old and new....

Hi, i bought a brand new last of the run 60reg dci 86 visia k12 from nissan (best mate staff discount style ;) ) 18 months ago was doing really well till a van drove headon into me...

any how thats was written off and now went back to my friend at nissan, i have bought a 59reg dci 86 acenta with 23k, in nightshade colour, really nice!

any way it has 1 month left on the warranty so gonna get it all checked out before that goes but it does mean i can get the turbo back exhaust on with a silencer and remapped, which is what i was waiting to do with the old one.

hopefully collecting it tomorro so i can start enjoying my 550 miles to a tank again! ;)


The van came off much lighter from what I remember over the on the AOC too!

Still, you got another Micra anyway!