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My nissan micra 160sr

Hello everybody,i'm new in this forum. I registered here to show you my nissan micra.
I an from Lithuania so my English could be bad :down:
I buy my car in 2010 12 month,when i saw it ,i wal like that :wow: :D
But now i done little upgrades,so look and say what ir bad or good,thanks !!

When i bought it was like that

After winter i put summer wheels

And now she looks awesome in my eyes grr

So i'm waiting for your comments :)


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Welcome friend from LT ! It looks low and powerful with those big tyres, did you shot a video of it running?
No i didn't yet,but the effect of runnig with these wheel are very good,the car so stiff,and stabil on corners now
I keep saying this, but the 160 sr is a seriously beaut car :p

I think 6.5 has had his problem free for like 100k miles now, so its very very reliable also!

And the stance on that beady micra, is just phwoaaaa ;).

Keep up the great work, keep looking after that great car :D.
I want more lower springs,but then i need a new absorbers...,smells a big money :D
i think in a few months i put new tires on wheels (205/40/16) and done rear camber in to minus :D
then it looks (Y) what do you think?


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Welcome Pijus :D. Yes I have had 100,000+ miles on mine with no problems, they sure are great little cars. I have a website about my 160SR at www.micrak12.com so have a look at it and sign the guestbook :). I am changing the spark plugs at the weekend so the guide should up for those by Sunday hopefuly. It's a biggish job but Ithink the service interval is 54,000 miles so not a regular one. Stick around, talk soon!

Forgot to add, a set of Nissan shocks are £300, Koni Street shocks are £270 - guess which ones I've ordered :D?
cant help (and dont wish to cause any offence by this) but thinking that this last pic has been photoshopped......
(and I only say this because I spend a huge amount of time using photoshop)