My nissan March(Micra)

Hi am from Thailand

Am own the nissan march or micra about 1 year already,Not CVT but MT.


I change my wheels and tires from OEM wheels with Maxxis tires to Enkei RPF1 15 inc with Falken ze912 195/55/15.

Just bought K&N Air filter OEM, ready to install.

Coming soon exhaust upgrade.
Thank you guy.

Now about the exhaust system.

I talk to my friend who working in racing team, He said it very rare to find a exhaust for Micra K13 because the engine so small only 1200cc.

"If you change to SR20DETT will be easier" He saido_O

Somebody already did it. But with Sr16VVL.

I dont want to do like this, Maybe in next 5 years maybe...

Let go back to exhaust system.

In Thailand we have many option
1.JDM of course very expensive 400$ - 600$ USD
2.Local band cheaper 100$-180$
Spoon N1,Js Racing, HKS, Kakimoto gt box, You name it local band copy everything:(.

But none for them 100% match with Micra K13.

Micra exhaust width is about 3.3cm and about 1.4-1.5 Inc.

JDM and local band had only 1.6 inc, I need 1.4-1.5 Inc.

What I have to do is let them do the custom made, for micra K13.

What you guy think?