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My New Micra

Just got it today, It was sittin in a state, Got it washed and waxed it up

This is it photo chopped, doubt i could get it this low :(

Any mods that anyone could advise me? Its a 1.0 but its reli nippy, Ive stuck a cone air filter on for the mean time, Gonna be lookin to spend 500-800 pound on the car, What allows do you all suggest? What about a back box?

Thanks Adam
nice lookin motor! Personal plate? i'd go for the janspeed backbox.
Are you askin if its a personal plate, Or suggesting i get one? Its not btw lol, I dont see how it would be?

Yeah ive been looking at the janspeed its nice, Any cheap mods you could suggest?



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it must have been put on by a previous owner as it isn't a standard plate that would be something like L456 ABC - L Shows the age of the vehicle.
Have a look through K11 blogs for mod inspiration (Y)


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Cleans up well :)

Backbox - 120
induction - 30
springs - 80
alloys - 150+
1.3 cams - 30
strut brace - 60
colourcode the bumpers/handles -40 if you do it yourself
debadge and debumpstrip - free!


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open mouth grill
paint ya head lights
get rid of plastic trim


wat i did and its cheap