My Micra randomly cuts out? PLEASE HELP!

Hey guys,

My name is Uli. I'm from South Africa and I've been having some real issues with my Micra. She's a sad story so I want to get her back up to par after being abused by a relative. She's already had a respray and now I want to tackle the other issues.

Since getting her back, she has developed a problem where she randomly cuts out/stalls, idles rough, smokes, etc. I've sent her to mechanics and they've given her the all-clear. Sometimes she doesn't want to start up again and I'll have to unplug the sensors and plug them back in for her to fire up again. I'm not sure why this helps as the mechanics have said that the sensors come back as working and functional, according to the OBD2 scanner. I have my doubts...

Anyway, I've taken a short video of me driving her and showing an instance of her stalling. Here's the video:

Thanks in advance! There isn't much support here for the Micra. If I were still in the UK, I'm sure this wouldn't have been a long lasting issue.
Hi Guys, my name is Ralph and I am also from South Africa. I experience similar problems with my Nissan Micra. The car is currently in the Garage. Mechanic already changed the camshaft sensor which was not the problem as the car still don't start. I asked him to have a look at the fuse box to see if all the relays is working properly and are waiting to hear for feedback from him...