my micra im getting from a friend


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Tidy and looks pretty rustless! Good work...

How many miles has the silver bullet done?

My guess is 104k....
and it has a little rust on the osr wheel arch and the cross member is starting to go but someone has repaired it in the passed and done a poor job so may need a new one soon


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If you search on here, there's a really good thread where someone changed the crossmember...can't remember who it was though...

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Looks good, I think you need some wind deflectors for your 5-door ;)

Scrapyards are a great place to find extra bits. My car is almost exactly the same as yours, but 3-door and red, and it's slowly but surely making it's way up to luxury-spec.
iv already started on the mods eg the side repeaters was orange but iv put the clear ones on there and i was down my local one yesterday not many micras down there only like two my shape all was the older stlye one
Check out combellacks scrappy down here in cornwall, they're on line and do posties. Generally got 5/10 micras at any one time - cheap too.
Sorry to advertise, but if you're looking for some wind deflectors, I have a set for sale. Since you're near I can drop them off, saves postage.