my micra after a few mods

this is my gx after a few mods ive done, carbon fibre tvr backbox, rear numberplate holder, polished lip and matt black gti-r rims, painted innerds of headlights, matt black grille, arches etc

what you people think?


Looking nice m8, i think it would like quality if tinted,keep up the good work


I really like that, done a great job with the alloys imo, and the jap style rear looks really nice :)

And that TVR bbox fits quite nicely too!
its on 40mm powercoil springs, theyre the ones that powercoil first sent to beachboy and was wrong, yet he still charged me 80 quid for them wehn he got them for the proce of postage. not that im bitter or anything. im getting a exhaust system and throttle body with a pbv in a couple of weeks.
not like a tvr i assure you. its very nice not loud when cruising but when you jam the loud pedal it kick into life (this could have domething to do with the layers upon layers of sound deadening i have fitted), but it doesnt cover up the induction noise whichi s absoloutly awsome.
It looks decent apart from the blue bits on the rear lights spoil the rear end. Id say either keep them standard or maybe tint that bit black