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My latest hack


I love Ed!!!!
Picture of my latest hack, modifications wise its may get a janspeed cat back system and a K&n filter. Already has a strut brace but decided against re-doing the suspension as im doing way too much motorway mileage at 4am and im sure it will make me feel like :sick:.

Its currently got 89k on it with me putting 3k miles in the last 5 and a bit weeks, apart from giving it a real good service (plugs, leads, cap, rotor arm) its pulls really well and has yet to eat any oil

What else have i done

Swapped the 13" alloys for 14" as i didn't feel overly confident with the mileage i was doing and the fact i kept spinning the wheels until i hit 40 in the wet. The ever wonderful Mr. Ed has done a superb job of fitting white led's into my dash and roof light. Although looks have improved, i am now able to see my speed at night which is the biggest bonus. Finally for security i have fitted locking wheel nuts and had a professionally fitted alarm system which is discrete and extremely loud.

What's next

Im not interesting in bodykits, lowering or serious engine modifications at the moment as it is being used as a work hack and i need reliability more than anything.

From those who are old enough, i still have my audio kicking about and will be fitting it very soon.