My k11 engine Head gasket !!

Hi All, Firstly I have had to change micra sports club my account details due to my antivirus software thinking that this site is not safe, so it removed my membership and now I'm known as yeowart0003 my thread today is answer to all my K11 engine problems and it is just as Nissan boy told me, it would be a head gasket blown.
As follows I believe I know what the problem is with my K11, my engine problem maybe a blown head gasket mainly because of these other little things going wrong with it like this, coolant leaking externally, bubbles in the radiator or coolant overflow tank, this may have happened before but with the hole in the o/f tank I would not have heard the bubbling. Overheating engine which means that the radiator may not have had a problem which I had replaced, white milky oil only around the cap, fouled spark plug the misfiring one, low cooling system integrity and white smoke from exhaust only noticed this morning when I reset spark plug gaps, then unable to start engine & when I did, then I noticed white exhaust. And then the main question to ask is, is it worth repairing or a right off because of the price of the car I paid was only £650 ?

yours peter0003 or yeowart0003
Head gaskets in micras are a piece of cake but the amount of work required is an unknown quantity until it's all apart and you can assess the extent of the damage and repair.....

Also worth identifying WHY the head gasket went... don't just throw parts at it
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Have you done a compression test on each cylinder
And as max wheeler said worth finding out why this has happens
I do believe you said the old radiator leaked and you found the car had little coolant in it as well as running hot?
Also the smoke is it constant or just condensation? For the night before? Cause those exhausts can hold a fair bit of water
It it only the cap that has a little bit of milky on it on can you see it on the internals as well, as it can happen just from sitting but very minor amount in the cap basicly

And is the car struggling to start now?
And at the end of the day do you like the car and such? It it in good condion spec so on..
Even know Micra's are getting on even with a blow head still worth something , adleast they aren't like the corsa C 1ltr with a list of problems,
I'm having the same problem..i have a micra k11 1993 model..when i start the engine with the rad cap open the water goes out like a fountain..but no white smoke and the m-oil dipstick no water present.i'm planning to change the head gasket on my own and in need of a guide video or picture would help so much.
The cooling system is pressurised if you remove the coolant overflow cap or the radiator cap during engine operation is normal for coolant to spill over... if there is no coolant in the oil and no exhaust gas in the coolant or any mixture of any of these I struggle to see how you have a head gasket leak
My car overheat..and most of the cooling system for the engine have been still have the same problem..from the radiator it have a bubbles..