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My K11 Activ 1.4


as some of you may have known ive been asking for lots of advice on fixing up my car.. So i thought it was about time started a blog for it, but first the back story. Someone i know had this stuck in their garage because they did not want to be seen in it after they had a 'few small dings' as he said to me. So he offered it to me, and i mean 'just take it mate' kind of offer. Who am i to say no? 1.4 yes please. Anyway long story short i have a 1.4 Activ with almost 110k on the clock but blimey its fast. Its in need of some care and attention and may i once again reiterate 'DAMAGE NOT CAUSED BY ME' ;)


From the back he isn't too bad, apart from the tailight blackness which is cracked and can only guess is mould. And also the useless tow bar i do not want or use :laugh: Anyway, thats the good bit..

Coming round the the drivers side there is some bubbling and surface rust which i am soon to sand down and prime, god knows how im going to blend the colour of the car though. It only goes downhill from here folks.

i mean what in the bloody hell was this guy doing with this car mowing down cattle. But remember, free. (so i keep telling myself)


So by this point i felt like asking him if he had a license but instead took the keys and left. Poor car.
He could not even keep the glass in the wing mirror that is in my glovebox, need to find a way to fix it back on, oh and notice the crack in the rear bumper.. it has parking sensors.. wtf?

interior is fine though and that is what i see so i don't mind it too much.. the seats have the usual metal ripping through problem but i don't have a problem with it, nothing covers cannot fix right?
As you can see it is a bit nicer inside now i have added some touches.. the Wheel trims i added because none of them matched and i didn't know the steelies style was a thing when i got this car ;) I also added the stereo, air freshener and monkey (dont ask lol)
Added a 10" sub to the boot too as i do love my music and it sounds great :D You can see i have my priorities right :laugh: I added the stickers too by the way, or rather my friend did.. we saw them at japfest and could not resist it for a laugh. When it looks nice they will come off i promise ;) (except the paul walker one, maybe change for white)

Anyway i will update this as i fix it bit by bit, suggestions and help welcome. This is my first car and i like it even if it is battered.. 1.4 and cheap to insure because its a *cough* granny *cough* car but hey who gives? i like them :D

Thanks for reading, would love input as said.

Josh :D
Hi Josh mate she's not bad for a freebie (what year is she) and she makes for a great build project, looks like there are no major problems and the body work is easy to rectify with good second hand bits from a scrappy I am sure davyboy will be able to help you locate them he's the official King of the Scrappies lol! :p

Good luck with the project and please keep us updated with pics?

Thanks for sharing
Andy :D
Thanks for the kind words pal, Dave has looked for my colour before but could not find it. Have given up trying to find it now so will find any colour and get it sprayed.. can do that locally saves Dave the trouble and me the trip ;P Its a 2001 buddy :D
Thanks for the kind words pal, Dave has looked for my colour before but could not find itdifference mate. Have given up trying to find it now so will find any colour and get it sprayed.. can do that locally saves Dave the trouble and me the trip ;P Its a 2001 buddy :D
Hello Josh. I'm still keeping my eye out for your wing bud. The scrappers are low on micras at the moment, but they will have more.
Put a £8 cone filter (amazon) on yours and you will notice the difference in response, cheap upgrade bud.
Thanks for the advice, ill look into getting hold of one.. do i need any tubing to put it somewhere actually good for airflow or not? Yeah it is the wing and front bumper possibly back one too i'll need replacing but i may get some body shop quotes and let them haggle each other down. :D
It's proving difficult to find a 2nd facelift bumper and wing of any colour let alone my colour so i don't really know where else to look... tried all my local scrap yards all they have is pre facelift k11's which are of no use to me and ebay wants £75 for a non primed one.. not happening :laugh: any ideas?..

Appreciate it
SUCCESS, maybe ;) Waiting for a guy on the facebook group to get back to me about a silver k11c front bumper and wing may also ask about rear whilst he is at it! So hopefully that all goes well and i can have some fresh panels and then i can paint them when i find the time!

Couple little buys for now:

- New 42mm festoon bulb for the interior, nice and bright white to get rid of the yellow light i currently get ;)
- Ceramic H4 connectors to replace my utterly charred connector refusing to light my main beam
- Electrical tape to secure the remote wire for my subwoofer where its been soldered just to clean things up, also to wrap the ceramic connectors once soldered into the loom

Nothing major really, come pay day ( i'm a student so i don't have money until then :laugh: ) then i want to look into getting some sandpaper and primer and at least treating the rear arch ready for primer with some rust killer type substance. Also some si alloys would look good if i can find some.

I'll keep this updated :)
Ceramic connectors fitted and taped up until my mate comes over to solder them

Can't rate them enough headlights work perfectly now and they definitely are not going to melt any time soon.

Also the interior light has been changed to the white looks much better than the yellow but won't see results until later tonight really will keep updated on how good it looks but here it is now

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Hi Josh glad you got hold of a wing and bumper off the MSC FB, interested in the interior light bulb you got is festoon the make of the bulb and where did you get it from? I really want to upgrade my interior lights on Steffi Cab and Rouge 5 so I at least can see something at night!

Thanks for sharing your progress on your project! :)

Andy :D
Bingo! Wing and bumper are mine and in good nick too! Will collect from the guy come payday i cannot wait to have my car in good nick then crack on with the rear arch and spraying as they are silver but still so happy with them.

Thanks for your kind comment Andy, its a 42mm festoon type bulb from ebays finest ;) Ill get you a link they are K11 specific apparently and fit well without the need to bodge! Here is the link: Click here

They do white blue and other various colours but me and the girlfriend agreed white would be most practical even if blue was very tempting!

Would you like a night time pic with the bulb installed? Can grab one now whilst its dark mate :)
Here is some pics! Better than the yellow light that was previously in there but I must look into whether I can put reflective material in my light fitting as it doesn't disperse into the front correctly regardless on the bulb facing the correct way but like I said better than it was :)

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It looks as if i am going to be getting rid now as i don't have the time or funds to be finding and spraying parts for this so if anybody is interested send me a message on here.

1.4 Activ
Lots of damage in pictures shown
slight oil leak
needs two tires to pass MOT
all paintwork scratched in various places

would consider selling for a decent price to someone who i can see will fix it as i dont want the car scrapped or stripped for parts... Thanks in advance.