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My first micra 1.0 16v

Hi new to the site and new to owning a nissan micra. I bought it off a mate as his grandad had passed away and left it him and with him not having a licence i bought it iff him cheap £180 (Y). It has only done 80k and his grandad just had new rear shoes and cylinders both sides and a sill welded for MOT. Its not in bad nick few odd little scratches and small dents.

I bought it really to clean up and sell but after spending a whole day cleaning it ive decided to keep it and insurance is only £23 a month and tax is cheap.

Its not quick seeing as my last car was a 205gti but like i said its cheap to run and should help me keep my licence.

Im trying to make it not look so old mans car but on the cheap so far all i have done is sprayed the steel wheels gloss black and fitted a cd player.

Im thinking of lowering it on the steel wheels as its abit wobbly at speed. Would 35mm be enough and would it just be a case of old springs off an new ones on.

Induction kit and back box as there cheap on ebay.

Also maybe a few stickers.

Also how can i make the front look abit more mean?

Anyway let me know what you think and any ideas would be appreciated.




Brand new from argos £35 BARGAIN
Sprayed front grill black today to get rid of the chrome, took micra and ally badge off the back and took the bump strips off will put some pics up tomorrow.

Next job is to lower it how low can i go without any problems and does anyone know a good place to get springs ?


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As Steve said you can cut rungs from the existing springs & they drive fine,or if you want to spend £100-ish & a firmer ride you can get lowering springs & cut lumps from them if you want to go lower.
You can get secondhand alloys from other makes at breakers or E Bay very cheap..Check here for fitment http://www.carlsalter.com/wheel_fitments.html
Looks a tidy car you got & good colour..