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My first car and first attempt at modifying


  • strip out plastics, carpets, get roll cage/racing seats etc.

    Votes: 17 73.9%
  • replace plastics and carpets with some sort of leather finish

    Votes: 6 26.1%

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link me up some photos when youve got the polo one on yours mate! id like to see it!
Also new update on the little tomato, got some wrap just to make my car look even more unique :p




think a red badge would suit this well...
she was up for sale and I did get offered £680 by a garage near me for her but having thought about insurance costs and how cheap she is for me, I decided to keep her, glad I did!
full de-cat system now so shes nice and raspy, and loud!

I was really tempted to go back to red grills, hadnt thought about a red badge! That does sound pretty sweet haha might do that tomorrow on my day off whist I paint my rocker cover and clean my engine bay up, cheers boys!
Can we have a video of her with the decat system?

Another option, if you haven't painted them yet, red grills with the middle bar black... Like mine only I've done my black with blue middle bar...

Glad you decided to keep it, it looks amazing!
Lady micra has gone now, sold for £800! got a new baby now.
She is called marmite and is a 1.6 NISSAN 100NX 1992 carb version, 75,000 miles, 1 owner all servicing done by nissan for its last 21 years.
I have already done the alloys, got clear side indicators now, had a carb tune by Northampton Motorsport and a new induction kit put on her. For my second car I am quite proud of her, and pushing around 105bhp now compared to the original supposed 92 she isnt too bad however there is work to be done! oh...and I really miss my micra :( Nothing will ever be as fun to mess around in as the micra!