My battery

The mountain of work just get bigger and bigger! lol

Anyway the car had been sitting for a while and the battery was flat for about a week, after jump starting with my lifesaver booster pack the battery will not hold the charge. Left the car for 10 minutes and never charged it a bit.

Took the battery out and started charging it, left it for a day and the voltage went up as soon as i removed the charger the battery voltage started to drop again. Currently at 5 Volts.

I really didn't wont to fork out for a new battery :( Is there any hope for this old battery yet? Tried topping it up


K10 Tuner
a dead battery is a dead battery mate, if you have topped it up and left it on charge for a day and its till not charging, im sorry to say its time for a new one.

what was the charging current wen you were charging it???