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My 2009 1.5 dci 25th Anniversary Edition (Zippy) RIP 30-11-2015!


So I bought this car in mid October 2014 at 21 years old, my dad taught me to drive in and I passed first time in Feb 2015! Since Feb, I had made a couple of adjustments such as window tinting, refurbishing the alloys and installing lighting in the footwells. I LOVED this car! It was always kept clean and tidy and always stocked up an air freshener :)
My next step was to upgrade my wheels to 17" Wolfrace alloys and to eventually install an equaliser, sub and new speakers. Then last week happened....

"Hey guys, so here's an update on my situation...
Last Monday on my way to work, a taxi driver swerved into my way and caused a collision. I was going between 60-70mph so my poor Micra was badly smashed up :( It was a write-off.
I'm so angry as I had many plans for this car, the first one being to upgrade my alloys for Christmas :( It was a perfectly good car and was kept in immaculate condition, I feel so cheated that it is now being scrapped this week! HOWEVER I am alive and here to tell the tale, suffering with a broken wrist and bruising/cuts to my neck from the airbag being deployed and the general aches and pains from whiplash.

RIP Zippy, you were a fantastic car and you saved my life in a dangerous situation. Thank god the taxi driver is getting prosecuted for careless driving. The first thing I'll do with my payout will be buying a new micra, I'm looking at either getting the same model (2009 1.5 dci 25th anniversary or a 2009 tekna in silver) then I guess I'll have to start again from scratch :( I know it's just a lump of metal at the end of the day, but this car carried great memories and had strong sentimental value. For now, Micra's are good enough for me and I will be looking for another one soon.

Anyway, here's some pictures, before and after!


Zippy 1.jpg
Zippy 2.jpg
Zippy 3.jpg
Zippy 4.jpg

On the upside, the cabin looks in tact which means you're safe and still have your health and strength. Good thing she handled the accident as well as she did. Sorry still.