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Hi let me be the first to do a new topic. This is my March Cabriolet as she is right now

1.3 Manual
16x8 Rota Cups
BSR Coilovers

Top one in below pic is going to be a trailer ;-)

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So here is a timeline of the cabriolet.

Bought my 2nd cabriolet because the first one I front ended, repaired kind of but with the 2nd being manual it was a no brainer.

how I bought her

transferred my starmags over to her

had the roof retrimmed as some of the stitching had worn off due to age and was leaking in.

then I decided to turbo it and changed front bumper for a k11c model

custom front exit exhaust whilst doing the turbo build

At this meet it grabbed all the attention

At that meet though I did blow the engine :-( so out came the engine. I blew the turbo as well!! So it's got a standard 1.3 engine in it at the moment.

bought new set of wheels. (2nd hand but new owner) and fitted the BSR coilovers. Sat way too low so adjusted them. Looked good but couldn't turn at all lol!

had to adapt the exhaust to fit the turbo manifold as I had no turbo! Then covered the mess with this custom stainless steel heat shield
as you can see I also painted the engine black with blue rocker cover and other blue bits.

Original bumper back on with exhaust cut out

How she sits today. Going to spray that rear surround same colour as the car or might keep it chrome as the cabriolet will be painted white soon! This is due to the paintwork being so thin in the first place when we detail it we might go through the paintwork! (Used a paint thickness gauge)

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You chopping it because its knackered ???
I never fully repaired the front end after I rear ended someone. The rear sills next to arches need work and I've no use for it. I always wanted to do the car and half trailer project and with this one it will prob be the only one in the world made from 2 cabriolets.

Plus yes I can sell some spares to fellow cab owners for less than getting them from Japan :)


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Ok the other cab I'm using as spares for templates for retrimming my seats. Now I've never done this before so watching and getting tips off YouTube videos. If it doesn't work I will get it done proper.

Anyhow here we are. Rear seat is in 3 sections, a top fixed bit a middle drop down bit for the boot loading access and the bottom fixed bit that you sit on.

For this I'm using evostick carpet adhesive.

So these are my top fixed rear section.

Here's my roll of material. Old school members will remember this material from my first ever Micra. Yep it's 10yr old and still looks like new haha.

Note: I've removed the original cover so I'm on foam only.

Making sure it sticks down.

Here is the finish. Now this has a bubble in it but since this pic it has levelled out and is looking good. I'll get a pic of this tonight.

Found the pic of it better than above.

So I started on the fold down section which is a lot easier as a) it's flat and b) experience from the last one.

The rear of the seat which needs fully covering as it is seen from inside the boot.

And now I put some weight on top of the rear to make sure it all sticks for a few days then I'll get a pic of the front of the seat.

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Blog Update:
Starting from the last main update the seat covering didnt work out so i used the other cabriolets seats to refit into the current cabriolet.

The GTR needed new brakes, tyres and a service at a cost of just over £4k :eek: so i decided to sell the car and do the cabriolet up to a show car spec.

First on the list was Air suspension, I bought a universal set but wouldnt fit the front tunnels so i sent the air suspension back and found a Hydraulic suspension micra over in Germany which was Scott Kingsman's. So i bought the micra and had it shipped over.




I saw the Orange Speedhunters Figaro and fell in love with the scheme
Photo 15-05-2016, 02 59 00.jpg

so the paint was chosen as Porsche GT3 Orange (Code LC8), graphics custom made up, the same arches were sourced from Japan, Carbon Wrapped Bonnet with Shogun Bonnet Scoop purchased from Scotland,

I ordered an Aeroover Rear Spoiler from Japan

, Seats were designed using Seatskinz Design Simulator.

Here is how she looked before the strip down,

So whilst all that stuff was ordered we began stripping the full car down, engine bay painted black, windscreen out, all dents smoothed out, doors off, boot off, door rubbers all off, Painted the full car, doors, inside door shuts, boot etc.




and made it to JAE 2016


Continue the Blog Later on.......



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Before i went to JAE i had the car turbo converted at Fury Autoworx and after a few hiccups with this conversion having to put right a few things i got the car mapped by Fusion Motorsport. After mapping it acheived 141.4bhp.



So after JAE 2016 where i won the Trophy "Unique Modification" a lot of changes happened


Graphics Arrived and fitted


Arches Fitted

Changed the Rota Cup 16" Wheels to 13" Minilites



Seats Retrimmed and fitted





Boost Gauge and AFR Gauges installed


JAE 2017 came again and i won another trophy for Show and Shine


i did the big 3 Upgrade which included 70mm Cable from Engine to Chassis, Battery Earth to Chassis, Alternator to Battery and also got 4 Stinger SPV44 Batteries, 3 of which are for the Hydros

I was in talks with Gizfab to do a complete engine turbo overhaul after i purchased Dave Shaw's old Garrett GT2554R Turbo.


So off it went to Eden to work his magic and in the process of him having the car i decided to have a boot build made up by Eden as well to house the 4 batteries and hydraulics.


Whilst Eden had the car i decided because i have no room for my camping gear in this car i bought a Teardrop Caravan.



2018-02-17 11.19.38.jpg

I had this painted to match the cabriolet and graphics supplied and fitted too

2018-03-03 11.34.46.jpg

2018-03-16 11.30.56.jpg

Also bought a bike to match haha
2018-03-27 22.14.49.jpg

Eden worked his magic and i picked the car up just over a month later





Had brakes upgraded to Drilled and Grooved




I Love Booooooost!
Oh and Gizfab also fitted my Towbar so i could tow the camper and i had 13pin electrics fitted to the micra and camper so it charges the battery whilst being towed

Change of Wheels came to 15" Team Dynamics in multi fitment so would fit the camper and the micra




2018-06-29 20.06.32-1.jpg

2018-06-30 12.16.50.jpg

2018-06-30 12.11.37-2.jpg

2018-07-01 08.02.07.jpg


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I finally got round to wiring the other 3 batteries to the Hydros using 70mm Cables.

Batteries are wired + to + and - to - on each battery to keep the 12V but increase the capacity.

Hydros are connected to + on Battery #1 and - on Battery #3

2018-08-15 20.43.33.jpg

2018-08-21 19.06.11.png

2018-08-21 19.05.49.png

and that is where i am upto at the moment. I have a Wald Replica bodykit which needs test fitting and painting but thats for after JAE which is a week on Thursday where it shall be attending on the MSC stand and on the Trade Village after being invited by Nigel himself ;)



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oh damn i forgot about the mapping with the new turbo haha

After I got the car back from Gizfab i took it down to Ed at Fusion to work his magic and safe to say my expectations of 150bhp were blown way out.

190.1 BHP!!!
2018-05-18 13.41.03.jpg

2018-05-18 18.23.32.jpg
2018-05-18 16.55.51-1.jpg