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List of Club Benefits & Discounts of MSC membership

A bit about us....

The Micra Sports Club (MSC) was formed in 2001 and we are the only Nissan Micra (and March) car club in the UK. The formation of the MSC was just a natural progression from the Internet into a professional and dedicated car club.

Why should I join?

Apart from all the member benefits and discounts shown below, membership is recommended to all Micra owners who have an interest in the Micra and would like to take this further by meeting other club members, learning more about your car and maintain and modifying you car.

We are possibly the best source of help and information available on the net, and we can only get better. We have many club meets every year, at some of the best car shows and also smaller regional meets. The club has allot to offer to those who are willing to make the most of it on a social and interest levels.

Who is allowed to join?

Anyone with an interest in the Nissan Micra or import March.

We will accept foreign applications, and offer a bronze level of membership at a reduced price to support this. However - we DONT recommend you join if you do not have regular internet access.​

How much will it cost?

The reorganisation of the club has changed the way payments are made and the efficiency of the way the system works. The system is now entirely automated (unless you send payment by cheque)

Basically there are now 4 levels.

Bronze membership - £10
This is for people who would be unable to attend meets or events. It also means we wont send you anything physical via post. Its simply a cut down version of the official membership scheme that allows you to get full access of the site without the same cost.

Full membership Silver - Gold - Platinum £25 - £15 - £10
Full membership starts at £25 for the first year. If you choose to stay on and continue your membership the price is reduced by £10 until you reach the third year (platinum membership) where it will remain at this level for as long as you are a members.

Club Benefits
  • Membership to the only Micra club in the UK which is also recognised by Nissan UK.
  • Your very own unique membership card complete with personal details - Currently being re-designed
  • Your own online Garage to upload images and specification of your Nissan Micra to show others.
  • Included in your membership pack will be X3 Micra Sports Club window stickers. 1 for either your front and rear window and 1 for each side of your side windows
  • Club News letter - Team currently being put together
  • Access to the full forum, including members area, events section, additional micra forums, non car chat, Discounts & FAQ's and DIY guides
  • First hand Information on events, and the opportunity to meet other MSC members! The MSC attends JAE, Donny Show, Jap Show and many more throughout the year!!
  • Priority access to problems and help, we have unrivalled experience to help you with your Micra. This information has been gathered through 7 years of past experience and development of the MSC
  • Discounts on performance parts and accessories (air filters, tuning accessories, and lamps) We may also sell special parts only available through the club. - see listed below
  • Regular meetings both local and national (normally at least every 2 months).
  • A very active web forum, where members talk and exchange ideas on their projects.
  • No Google adverts anywhere on the site.
Club discounts -
NEW!!! discounts NEW!!!

Sky Insurance
20% off all policies! Sky Insurance's policies, price and service are such that some of the most highly regarded Japanese Car Clubs in the UK have selected them to be their Club's Insurance provider. They offer great prices for modified cars, and excellent benefits such as like for like replacement on modifications!

Adrian Flux
10% saving on car insurance = saving of £££'s depending on your current insurance premium. Hate renewing your insurance year on year? Well join the MSC and when it comes round again, give the friendly guys at Adrian Flux a ring and see what you'll save.

Crafty Plates
20% off on all plates ordered from Crafty Plates!

Need for Speed
10% discount on aftermarket items

Demon Tweeks
varying % discount on all items

K&N Air Filters
10% K&N Air filters for the Nissan Micra

Power Bulbs
[strike]10%[/strike] 20% off car bulbs
15% off EBC Brakes (Greenstuff etc) and Goodridge brake lines

Barwell Bodyworks
Varying discount atfor re-sprays, bodykit fitting etc etc

Varying discount on Raceworks performance products

Fusion Motorsport
Varying discount on japanese performance products including:
5% off all Toyo Tyres

Stick me Up
Varying discount on custom made stickers, graphics and vinyls
Discount on camera detection, GPS, Safety Alert Systems

Hydra Systems
Supplier of performance, Modification, Styling and Accessories

10% off all the above listed websites, click the links to visit each one

How to join the Micra Sports Club

If you would like to join the Micra Sports Club, please click the following link to our online payment screen:


(this form can also be used for bronze applications)

After completing the form you will be taken to our paypal form, if you do not wish to pay via paypal we also accept cheque's as a form of payment.

If you wish to pay via cheque please send to the following address:

Micra Sports Club
28 Nether Field Way
Thorpe Astley

Make cheques payable to: Micra Sports Club. ( leave your forum name on the reverse of the cheque)
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