What are you all getting MPG wise? I'm getting about 50-55 miles out of £10 @ 136p/L!!

Changed the plugs to new NGK ones...haven't done much else. Straight through exhaust with primary cat still in. Any ideas what I could do to improve things? It hasnt changed regardless of mods it was like this when I first bought the car. :(
£40 (nearly full tank) will do me about 300 miles. About 180 of those were long distance, the other 120 were short journeys to and from work.
I normally put in £20 per week, and that will do me around 110-120 miles. Again, that's short journeys.

I run a CG10 btw


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Usually if I'm driving carefully i can get away with 90-95 miles on £10 of fuel, so I'm pretty happy with that! Even more so as it's only about £2-£3 more than my 250cc motorbike was costing me a week in fuel :) I have no idea how that happened lol
I came back to west Cornwall from Hull.....380 miles on a tank of fuel, that was a one litre. Grand dad driving on the motorways though...had plenty of time.
My 1.4 is a comfy 50+ mpg on a run, with a easy 35+ around town, generally put in a twenty pound note every 3 weeks.
Interesting to see some-one paying £1.36 lt...its £1.27 here.
On the Motorway recently my car being a turbo at a constant speed of 50 miles per hour doing a 200 mile trip all round I get a half tank left which was surprising! So the higher gear at a constant speed is ledd fuel which common sence so back into london the half tank left went quickly during the week with school runs etc!! That's poor economy! But overall isn't bad and btw am running a 1.3


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I average 36mpg in the 1.3 GX.

Some would point that this is lousy but being LPG, it's less based on calorific fuel value and coupled with being only 67.9ppl, I really don't care :rolleyes: