Mongol Rally Preperation


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I have the enviable task of preparing a K11 for the '07 Mongolian Rally. I do have some idea of what I'm doing having been involved in both driving and preparing cars at WRC level.

The Mongolian Rally is a charity event and details can be found via a "sticky" on Parker's Forum at the top of the Free Forum section.

In particular we are looking to upgrade the suspension, so will need usual bits inc. braces and bushes. A used 10 point cage would be a great find as well as a sump guard - we could make one up but if anyone knows of one, so much the better!

Source for a used pair of lens protectors (car is a '96) and Depo LHD headlights would be great. 13" alloys (original) would be helpful too. We'll need 6 - tyres are sorted courtesy of Kumho - must be best kept secret but they are still buying market share in Europe.

Any other bits or suggestions, just let me know. I can be contacted via Parker's or at:

[email protected]

Budget is tight but car was bought off eBay - 41k miles 1.0 Passion with no rust - tattyish but mechanically perfect - for £215.

If you are in the west Wales area and can help, let me know:laugh: .

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give


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Matt Humphris is the man you need to be speaking too.

If you search him on the forums or look up his threads from mph via the member list you should be able to grab his contact details.

Hi Ant

Welcome to official membership status. I have split this thread from the other one as it was a very old thread to be bringing back to life!

Good luck with your mongol rally preperations and post some pictures of your car before / during & after the journey, with any stories you pick up on the way! Its something i considered doing but bottled it.


As Alienfish said, Matt Humphris is your man for those sort of supplies, He rallies K11 Micras and can supply things like Kevlar under body protection & fuel tank guards, Carbon sump guards, uprated shocks and springs, you name it pretty much!

You can find his pricelist and contact details in the PDF attached to the first post of this thread:

Hope this helps,
James :)


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your going to need ground clearance, standard springs are good for this but they are too soft so toughened springs are a must, eibach lowring springs that drop k11s around 35mm give a very good firm ride, but you have to scarafice that 35mm.

You want springs with a tougher poundage and same or raised ride height than stock, contact

they made me custom lowering springs for my car to drop it to the ride height i required.


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good plan getting the micra rally prepared, i heard some of the off-road sections are extremly tough in a standard car. Remember to take vodka, apperently it is used to bribe the police in russia.


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Sorry about the delay in responding but I lost the thread - nobody told me it had been moved. Mind you I've lost my ":k11motors K11 1.3S Wanted" ad too:doh: !

I will keep you posted as we make progress. The tip about the Estelle (Skoda I presume!) springs is great. Meanwhile I have been in touch with Matt Humphris who has been very helpful.

Once again thanks to all you guys for your tips and comments. Incidentally it's two girls who are going in "Miss Daisy" that's what they've called the car!
Hi there,

I did the Rally last year in a Micra and had a thoroughly amazing time in our little K10. We made it with no breakdowns until Mongolia where the roads RUINED the suspension - all four coils snapping in one day.

The only preparation I'd recommend is to get some decent suspension in there and get some new tyres. Rip out the backs seats too if you can, although you might not be allowed to. One 20L jerry can is enough (we went the hardest route through Iran etc) and a couple of spare tyres and you'll be fine.

The main tip: if you want to get the most out of rally, don't overprepare. Avoid this at all costs. The best fun you can have is sorting out problems as they happen with locals. You're doing this for an adventure, right?